Friday, March 13, 2009

Cadillac Escalade EXT

Price Paid: $54000.00 from Cadillac of Thousand
Year / Model Reviewed:
2003 Escalade EXT
Man, I used to think that the EXT was one of the coolest looking vehicles on the road. Never could I possibly imagine that I would be driving one. Thanks Dad! I also thought that the Hummer was a cool vehicle, but the only thing it is good for is looks. If people in LA with money to spend had brains, they would get an EXT instead of the H2s that I see everywhere. The EXT is so much better than the H2. I would even list it as one of the top 5 autos on the market, with no bias anywhere. The combination of versatility, looks, luxury, power, ride, and handling make it a great car. A Porsche is fast and all, but it doesn't offer everything like the EXT does. The EXT is a complete package. I love to just drive around LA. Its like driving on a soft sofa, and you feel like the king of the road in an EXT. I will probably be fixing it up as time goes by, maybe adding some 24 inch rims and a cool muffler. But even without the "rappers package" an EXT is awesome.
Everything. For a behemoth, the ride and handling is great. Its got a nice luxurious feel to the interior, and their is limited outside noise. I also dig the daytime running lights.
It would be cool if they came in 20 inch wheels like the FX. And the steering wheel would be better if it were automatically adjustable like in the new Mercedes'.
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