Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today facebook has become a common friendship website, meaning that everyone in the world can be a member as long as it meets the requirement facebook. What are the requirements to become? The main prerequisite is age. Your account will be rejected if the current entry date of 2008, which means that if you want a child, or someone who was less than they would otherwise require to be rejected. Do not believe? Please see for yourself. In addition it is the full name, the name must not call. They may not know the full name of us, but if we fill only a nickname (one character) must be rejected. Facebook wants a valid name. Expected valid name will provide facilities in search of friends, alumni of an institution or school, and even employees of a company.

Well, in terms of use may be similar to myspace, friendster's the difference if we do not get to see our friends account activity. Among friends on facebook that one with friends of friends can be our friends, become friends friendships deh. Hehehe. Currently facebook already occupies most visited websites list in the world, visitors exceeded facebook blogger, or wordpress. According to Alexa rankings which provide traffic rank based on the number of visitors and unique ip facebook ranks 5. While the time of this writing Google is ranked 1 while Yahoo! Ranking 2.
Every day, the average Facebook user spends 17 minutes to reply to a post or coment and share notes. With the addition of user on facebook per day in the tens of millions. Return to embryo growth facebook. Facebook never bargained Yahoo! for one billion USD. Friendster also never looked at facebook and made a bid to buy it, but denied the same manufacturer.

Facebook progression was more than they imagined. Only in a relatively short facebook site occupies the top 5 world. Working with facebook PayPal payment gateway continues to expand its facilities and growing. When viewed from a web display facebook using v.3 with none of the adsense ads or other contextual ads. But make no mistake. For the development of a web definitely need the funds. For that included advertising, but advertising on facebook is not just any normal ads. But advertising on facebook more beneficial and targeted. Because of advertising appearing fit our territory. I've also come across ads about Javanese fried rice on facebook. Facebook was clean from AdSense ads because they have their own advertising services. You can advertise on facebook free just so you know how.


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