Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Golf in Germany

Planning a holiday this year? Golf holidays to play? Yes, you've come to the right blog. We offer Golf for beginners to professionals. We provide the golf course, driving range and 3-hole practice. Each course is taught in a way that is easy to play golf. You already have a Green Card? Do you still eligible for a golf course to the Chiemsee. A high quality provider by improve your skills of golf with a specific skill learned.

Square maturity with free golf membership

would you in the near or distant future, their place Matura store, we can in good conscience, the golf academy GmbH Gut Ising am Chiemsee Bavaria recommend. There are weekly classes for attaining maturity resort offered. In small groups of up to six people can have fun here, and within just five days, the ability to pass the matriculation acquire space. The existence of the test, guaranteed! Teach the theory and practice, including chipping and putting, rules and etiquette on the golf course, the tee, playing from the bunker, and much more. In addition, two rounds of place in the course included. At the conclusion of the course, create a written and a practical test after DGV guidelines and are passing the tests with the DGV-place maturity. The golf course and the seat of the Golf Academy GmbH are located on the grounds of the Hotel Gut Ising. If you decide on a golf course in conjunction with a stay at the Hotel Gut Ising at least three nights even get the free golf club membership for the current season. A superb offers which in any case to be missed. Call for bookings 08667 79358 or www.golfakademie-gmbh.de.

Beauty of golf

The beauty of the Gulf is probably mainly related long tradition. A small ball with a minimal number of strokes einzulochen: This sport is known for a long time. When this originally came from Scotland-born sport on a golf course, in general, up to 18 holes played. At that time the rules were in comparison to today's way of playing in some areas a little differently, over the years always came new policies and variations added. Golf in its original form was that until a few decades as an active pastime for the more wealthy society.