Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dog Clothes

Anybody know about Dog Clothes, Foxy Paws or

Dog Clothes is one of special benefits from Foxy Paws at Plano, TX. We only have a fashion typical of a dog and are known by designers. We also have exclusive designs on clothes and warm clothes for chihuahua dog, teacup yorkie, or Labrador. Dog clothes are not just for celebrities such as Paris Hilton's chihuahua or Oprah Winfrey's Cocker Spaniels. We have thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Let your dog stay warm with a hoodie or warm clothes and leave them with a stylish clothing or clothing that is fun, more stylish. Do not forget we also make dog collars, dog costumes, leashes, furniture or pets. Because Foxy Paws dog clothes is the center of your pets.

Elevated Dog Feeders
Tray Top Checker Diner
Shop our hand painted bowls, raised wrought iron diners make up our Dining section. Your dog will eat in style and in better health with the proper elevated bowls and feeder. Please check our homepage at for complete review

Dog Carriers
Alex Bag Pink
Dog carriers are used for flying to Europe or going shopping with your pooch at a local boutique. We sell the highest quality dog carriers ranging from airline approved dog carriers to less expensive casual tote dog carriers. Kwigy-bo dog carriers are our best selling line of dog carriers, but we carry many more styles of carriers, so you'll be sure to find your pup's carrier here at Foxy Paws.


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