Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caution, Men's Cancer Risk uncircumcised penis!

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JAKARTA, - Circumcision is said to help reduce the risk of such sexually transmitted diseases. But it was not only that. Circumcision also reduces the risk of penile cancer. In other words, men who are not circumcised penis cancer risk.

Similarly urologist revealed Dharmais Cancer Center Hospital Jakarta Dr Rachmat Santoso B when contacted by phone on Friday (15/5). "The cause is chronic infection in people who do not cirkumsisi (circumcision)," Rachmat said. Men are also at risk are those who have had genital herpes.

The main problem is not hygienic male genitalia because his head was not open. Cleanliness of the area under the foreskin glans penis circumcision is not guaranteed otherwise.

The symptoms found in people who had cancer sores on the penis is a penis, open sores on the penis, and penile pain and even bleeding from the penis. Usually this occurs at an advanced stage. Another feature is visible sores that resemble pimples or warts on the penis.

Penile cancer treatment varies, depending on the location and severity of the tumor. The first way is penektomi or cutting, can also be partially total. Rachmat illustrate, if the penis length of 10 centimeters and the cancer is only the tip of his penis then the length of the penis is cut 2-3 inches. "But if that had cancer three-quarters length of the penis, what can make his penis had to be cut out," he said. Another way may be chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Rachmat warned, this disease should not be underestimated by men. According to an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, many of penile cancer attacking the productive age of 30 years to 50 years.

Although not much affect men, within a year there were only 2-3 people who come to the hospital Dharmais, you, the men have to be careful. "It is indeed significant, but it is very disturbing because it involves the integrity of one's manhood," he concluded.


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