Beware, LED Light Exposure Can Damage Eyes

The use of LED technology can hardly be separated from modern humans living today. Televisions, monitors, mobile phones are now starting to adopt this technology because it claimed to be more energy efficient.

Interesting Movie "The Legend of Zorro" (2005)

The Legend of Zorro (2005) was an interesting film. I’m shocked when I see Orbis Unum symbol. Orbis Unum? E Pluribus Unum? A serpent circling the globe? I think that was a masonic symbol. It looks like a masonic serpent symbolic.

I lost money in the ATM ....... I wonder why ?????

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) which is considered to be very practical and secured, now no longer play a role as we had hoped. ATM is very stout benefits for life our everyday from start shopping, pay bills, transfer money tool, even as a tool in trade transactions. Not only that, another advantage of ATM is that we do not need to bring money in cash when we travel because it is very risky to crime.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crazy! Mother Kill Her baby Because interrupt play FB

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JACKSONVILLE, Florida - It's the disturbing his mother was busy to Facebook ria, with dark eyes she kill her baby. In fact, done just crying baby, while her mother focused surfing the social networking site.

Mother himself named Alexandra V. Tobias. He was found guilty of two levels of murder on Wednesday (27/10) yesterday. And he threatened to jail.

The Florida Times-Union reports that the mother told the investigator that he was angry when menderang androgynous baby boy was crying, when he played the game Farm Ville. The newspaper also reported that Alexandra silence a crying baby with her ​​up and swung firmly.

Then he smoked to calm him and then he calmed her baby again the same as before the treatment. Alexandra will undergo trials and imprisonment threatened to be gone through in December.

According to local law, Alexandra could face 25 to 50 years in prison. However, chances are, the detention period will be traversed Alexandra less.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Angklung a World Cultural Heritage

Bandung (ANTARA) - the traditional musical instrument Angklung will be confirmed as one of the world's cultural heritage or "World Intangible Heritage" by UNESCO in November 2010.

"God willing, Angklung in November or December will be confirmed as the` World Intangible Heritage 'or heritage site by UNESCO, which comes from Indonesia, "said Chief Executive of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Prof. Dr. Arief Rachman H, in Bandung Pakuan Building, Monday.

He said, with the inauguration angklung by UNESCO as world cultural heritage, then there will be no other country that claimed (claims) angklung.

"If Malaysia wants to have (angklung) go ahead, but it must be seen spring water (angklung) from where," he said.

Besides angklung, it is also trying to have other cultures in Indonesia such as Fabric, Saman Dance will be confirmed as confirmed as "World Intangible Heritage" or heritage site by UNESCO from Indonesia.

"We are also trying to have another culture in Indonesia as Tari Saman and Fabrics can be confirmed UNESCO as" World Intangible Heritage ', "he said.

Previously, angklung is also enlivened been claimed by Malaysia as the country's original instrument.

In addition to the security and angklung recognition as world cultural heritage, will also be impacted economically.

The angklung crafters will benefit by getting a lot of orders angklung from within and outside the country.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Time to Remove Your Makeup - Cosmetics are a mainstay of women to look more attractive. There are a collection of very many, so many products are rarely used. In fact, not a few of them are not diligent enough to use so that the cosmetics stored away. Cosmetics, like food, has 'age' that if the past is no longer safe to use.
Unfortunately, most cosmetics do not include expiry dates such as those in food packaging. Then when it's time we throw cosmetic skin health hazard?

- Foundation (foundation) and concealer (cover stains)

Both products are immediately absorbed into the skin. Replace your regular six months, or when started clumping and odor changes.

- Make-up eyes

Remove eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and eyeshadow if it is one year old. Even if the form of liquid, replace every six months.

- Mascara

This eyelash thickener should be replaced every three months even if you do not use it often. So even if the clot, you should not wear them anymore because blobs attached eyelashes will ruin the appearance. To be more durable, avoid too much shuffling mascara with brush handle, because this would put air into the product and mascara dries quickly.

- Lipstick

If the age of your lipstick over two years, immediately get rid of. And when you see water spots on your lipstick stem, discard it. Lipstick the color and the shape has changed should not be used anymore.

- Powder

If you are already a powder lumps, it is a sign that you have to buy a new one.

- Blush

Blusher should be replaced every year. But if it is clotted, color or smell has changed, should be replaced immediately.

- Nail polish

Nail polish that are no longer fit for use clumping. Storing nail polish in the refrigerator will not extend the life and quality. Generally, nail polish can last up to 12 months. But this depends on the quality of the product and how often you use it.

Hurry check your cosmetics, whether it is time thrown away? (MPA / lin)

Monday, July 19, 2010


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Friday, July 9, 2010

Oxis International, Inc. (OTCBB: OXIS)

Ever heard of OXIS International, Inc?

Oxis International, Inc. is a major nutraceutical to provide powerful antioxidants, namely Ergothioneine. Oxis International, Inc. was founded in 1966. Oxis International, Inc. for many years also focuses on the diagnosis while developing several patented and unique compounds have significant expertise in the field of oxidative stress including L-Ergothioneine ("ERGO"). Extensive and significant data have been obtained by researchers worldwide for the presence of L-Ergothioneine in human tissues. In addition to a powerful antioxidant, OXIS also has an extensive patent portfolio and a portfolio of therapeutic compounds.

Oxis International, Inc. engages in the research, development and sales of products that fight the harmful effects of "oxidative stress."
This site has covered all the necessary data to explain the contents of the products that will be discussed now. let's see a brief explanation below. a very interesting background for a company engaged in the treatment of oxidative stress.

OXIS intellectual property for ERGO includes three patents and two pending patent applications and includes the synthesis of highly purified ERGO and ERGO a protective effect on mitochondria and structures are also important functions of the body. A number of scientific papers note Monograph mentioned in this web site indicates that the ERGO is one of various biological compounds with powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and other protection against oxidative stress intrinsic. ERGO react by itself, or react with other natural compounds to enhance the body's defense against oxidative stress intrinsic. So, OXIS focuses on developing performance products that deliver the benefits of ERGO taken manually in combination with other elements that can enhance various body armor systems.

Oxidative stress is a situation when the body's antioxidant and other defensive abilities to combat free radicals (highly reactive oxygen species alias and nitrogen) have been overwhelmed and the normal balance of healthy person has been lost or diminished. Therefore OXIS issued nutraceutical products such as therapeutic, cosmeceutical and formulation of clinical products developed internally and get permission for biotech companies and pharmaceuticals as drug candidates.

OXIS always focus on the natural protective substances because it is more possible to be safe and efficacious. OXIS main products are incorporating and emphasizing antioxidant "super multifaceted" compound, L-Ergothioneine ("ERGO"), as a key component. OXIS has several patents and pending applications relating to the ERGO is also relevant to business planning and cosmecuetical OXIS nutraceutical.

very interesting, isn’t it?


ERGO naturally made, water soluble, antioxidant amino acid produced by microbes in the soil multifaceted and most often found in (but not produce) different kinds of mushrooms, grape and meat. However, no commercially to extract the ERGO from natural sources and consuming enough food to provide for exploiting the potential ERGO health. Humans and animals usually have low levels of ERGO, since the number of ERGO in the diet is relatively small.

Some of the benefits of the ERGO includes the ability to:
• Conserve and maintain the level of other antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C and glutathione;
• Increased respiration and oxidation of fat (probably contribute to increased energy and exercise capacity);
• Protect from damage to mitochondria (this is important because of potentially damaging reactive oxygen species produced when oxygen is usually metabolized in the mitochondria,
• Reducing the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation environment (may be important in protecting the eyes against cataracts produce oxidative injury);
• Neutralize increased oxidative stress by providing the ROS (reactive oxygen species) and RNA (reactive nitrogen species) scavenging capacity, a property that protects the key molecules in the body, and,
• Protects against the impact of neurotoxins which is believed to have a casual role in the development and progress of cognitive decline.

Therapeutic Compounds
Therapeutic compounds and clinical products is an easy solution that can be used to treat disease. OXIS also has some therapeutic compounds present in order to be licensed, including some anti-inflammatory and antioxidant therapy with potential application in the treatment of neurodegenerative (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

Treat oxidative stress
Oxidative stress caused by the unchecked activities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNA). Both ROS and RNA is highly reactive, unstable molecules in healthy cells, are created and neutralized as part of normal cell life. However, if the production of free radicals and ROS / RNA exceeds our body's natural defense mechanism of oxidative damage on the vital molecule in our body can occur and can cause cell dysfunction, oxidative stress also cell death. This is also caused by inflammation, exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution, UV rays, radiation, certain drugs and other conditions. Oxidative stress also increases as we age.

Palosein (Orgotein) is an FDA approved drug OXIS for the treatment of arthritic inflammation in Veterinary use Palosein Called (NAD / Tone # 045-863). Palosein is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) derived from beef liver. Currently, OXIS is in the recertification process manufacturing and actively seek partnerships with distributors to sell Palosein. OXIS will provide additional information on the progress Palosein like process that has been achieved.


If you feel curious, just try to open the link below and visit the official website of Oxis. Then, here they are:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Simple Php. Learn Php In 17 Hours.

This incredible book by Robert Plank takes you step by step, teaching you how to:

  • Easily personalize your pages.
  • Make easy .htaccess code for yourself.
  • Code games, quizzes & other lead-building tools.
  • Create an autoresponder.
  • Mix JavaScript with PHP for a powerful combination.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I lost money in the ATM ....... I wonder why ?????

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) which is considered to be very practical and secured, now no longer play a role as we had hoped. ATM is very stout benefits for life
our everyday from start shopping, pay bills, transfer money tool, even as a tool in trade transactions. Not only that, another advantage of ATM is that we do not need to bring money in cash when we travel because it is very risky to crime. When we shopped contonya when we will pay some goods we buy in the supermarket we just handed in an instant ATM and payment process was completed, do not need hard to count the money in advance.
Indeed, everything is not going as what we expect, because nothing is perfect. ATMs are now beginning to be attacked by the "hacker HACKER or Cracker" that basically people - educated people. However, not all the "hacker" is evil, as in In the martial world, we know black magic and white magic. Black magic synonymous with deviant actions, while white science tend to lead to an appreciable act, as well as the "hacker or cracker".
The above analogy seems to fit when given to "intruders" cyberspace. Hacker or Cracker, initially identified with those who love to steal the data "secretly" or even change the source code of the program / specific applications with the purpose of obtaining personal benefit and harm others. But that was then. Now a lot of really, hackers who actually uses his skills in order to crush cyber criminals.
Steps normally taken by the "hacker or cracker"
The simplest way to see the weakness of the system is to seek information from a variety of vendors such as in about the weakness of the system that they made themselves. In addition, monitoring the various mailing lists on the Internet relating to network security as listed
Described by Front-line Information Security Team, "Techniques Adopted By 'System Crackers' When Attempting To Break Into Corporate or Sensitive Private Networks," A Cracker generally men aged 16-25 years. Based on the statistics of Internet users in Indonesia, then in fact the majority of Internet users in Indonesia are young children at this age also. Indeed, this age is the age which is ideal to gain new knowledge including science Internet, very unfortunate if we do not succeed menginternetkan to 25000 Indonesian schools s / d in 2002 - since the foundation of the future of Indonesia is in the hands of young people we are.
Well, the young are generally cracker cracking do to improve / use of resources in the network for its own sake. Generally, the cracker is opportunistic. See weaknesses in the system to carry out the program the scanner. After gaining root access, a cracker will install the back door (backdoor) and close all existing general weakness.
As we know, most companies / dotcommers will use the Internet to (1) web hosting of their servers, (2) communication of e-mail and (3) providing access to web / internet to its employees. Separation of Internet and Intranet networks generally done using techniques / software firewall and proxy server. Seeing the conditions of use of the above, the weaknesses in the system generally can penetrate through the mail server for example with external / outside that is used to facilitate access to the mail out of the company. In addition, by using agressive-SNMP scanners and programs that force the SNMP community string can change a router into a bridge (bridge) which can then be used for a stepping stone for entry into the company's internal network (Intranet).
So that crackers are protected during the attack, the technique cloacking (impersonation) is done by jumping from the previous machine has been compromised (overrun) via telnet or rsh program. At intermediate engine that uses Windows attack can be carried out with the jump from Wingate program. In addition, the jump can be performed via a proxy device configuration is less good.
After a successful jump and into other systems, cracker usually perform probing the network and gather the required information. This is done in several ways, for example, (1) using the nslookup to run the command 'ls', (2) view HTML files on your web server to identify the other machine, (3) to see various documents on the FTP server, (4) connect to mail server and use the command 'expn', and (5) to a user finger on machines other external.
The next step, the cracker will identify the components of the network that is trusted by the system anything. The network component is usually the engine and server administrators who are usually considered the safest in the network. Start by checking the access and NFS exports to a variety of critical directories such as / usr / bin, / etc and / home. Exploitation of the weakness machine through the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), with access to the /etc/hosts.allow file.
Next cracker network components need to identify weak and can be conquered. Cracker can use the program in Linux like ADMhack, mscan, nmap and many other small scanner. Programs such as 'ps' and 'netstat' made trojan (remember the story of the Trojan horse? The classic story of ancient Greece) to hide the scanning process. For cracker advanced enough to use aggressive-SNMP scanning to scan equipment with SNMP.
After the successful cracker identify network components that are weak and can be conquered, then the cracker will be running the program to conquer the weak daemon program on the server. The program on the server daemon is a program that usually runs in the background (as a daemon / demon). The success of the conquest of this daemon program will allow a cracker to gain access as 'root' (the highest administrator in the server).
To eliminate the traces, a cracker usually perform the cleaning operation 'clean-up' operation by clearing various log files. And add the program to enter from the back door 'backdooring'. Changing the .rhosts files in / usr / bin for easy access to the machine that conquered through rsh and csh.
Furthermore, a cracker can use a machine that has been conquered for his own benefit, for example, took the sensitive information that should not be read; mengcracking another machine with a jump from machine conquered; install a sniffer to see / record the various traffic / communication through; can even turn off the system / network by running the command 'rm-rf / &'. The latter will be very fatal consequences because the system will be destroyed at all, especially if all the software on the put on the hard drive. Process re-install the entire system had to be done, would be a headache if it is done on machines that run mission critical.
SAFETY TIPS that deserves to be tested.

1. Prior to the transaction suggested VIA ATM transactions do not directly do but try to look around, do not do the transaction at the ATM penariakan felt odd in terms of place or whatever it is.
2. After making transactions via ATM you do not immediately leave the ATM machine, but try to do one more transaction but enter different PIN number with your pin, it is intended that the scanner is in use by hackers or crackers ATM fooled.
It would be nice if we are vigilant, and there is no harm in us doing the above tips for the sake of prevention of things - things that are not desirable.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

MSC Main Street Collection

MSC Main Street Collection
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Gold coins Gain is the online company that works in the field of sale and purchase in the form of gold coins. People who want to buy and sell in the form of gold coins that are in real currency from other countries and old coins.

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dalam "Gold Coins" juga banyak tersedia dalam berbagai nilai mata uang yang tersebar di seluruh dunia dan seluruh dunia pun mengenalnya. kalau dalam segi harga, harga "Gold Coins" yang ditawarkanpun cenderung lebih kompetitif dengan harga emas dunia. maka dari pada itu, anda pun tidak bakalan kerepotan dalam menilai harga barangnya. yang terpenting dalam situs ini adalah kualitas barang yang sangat terjamin keasliannya dan juga kebersihannya.

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