Monday, September 6, 2010

Time to Remove Your Makeup - Cosmetics are a mainstay of women to look more attractive. There are a collection of very many, so many products are rarely used. In fact, not a few of them are not diligent enough to use so that the cosmetics stored away. Cosmetics, like food, has 'age' that if the past is no longer safe to use.
Unfortunately, most cosmetics do not include expiry dates such as those in food packaging. Then when it's time we throw cosmetic skin health hazard?

- Foundation (foundation) and concealer (cover stains)

Both products are immediately absorbed into the skin. Replace your regular six months, or when started clumping and odor changes.

- Make-up eyes

Remove eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and eyeshadow if it is one year old. Even if the form of liquid, replace every six months.

- Mascara

This eyelash thickener should be replaced every three months even if you do not use it often. So even if the clot, you should not wear them anymore because blobs attached eyelashes will ruin the appearance. To be more durable, avoid too much shuffling mascara with brush handle, because this would put air into the product and mascara dries quickly.

- Lipstick

If the age of your lipstick over two years, immediately get rid of. And when you see water spots on your lipstick stem, discard it. Lipstick the color and the shape has changed should not be used anymore.

- Powder

If you are already a powder lumps, it is a sign that you have to buy a new one.

- Blush

Blusher should be replaced every year. But if it is clotted, color or smell has changed, should be replaced immediately.

- Nail polish

Nail polish that are no longer fit for use clumping. Storing nail polish in the refrigerator will not extend the life and quality. Generally, nail polish can last up to 12 months. But this depends on the quality of the product and how often you use it.

Hurry check your cosmetics, whether it is time thrown away? (MPA / lin)


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