Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Angklung a World Cultural Heritage

Bandung (ANTARA) - the traditional musical instrument Angklung will be confirmed as one of the world's cultural heritage or "World Intangible Heritage" by UNESCO in November 2010.

"God willing, Angklung in November or December will be confirmed as the` World Intangible Heritage 'or heritage site by UNESCO, which comes from Indonesia, "said Chief Executive of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Prof. Dr. Arief Rachman H, in Bandung Pakuan Building, Monday.

He said, with the inauguration angklung by UNESCO as world cultural heritage, then there will be no other country that claimed (claims) angklung.

"If Malaysia wants to have (angklung) go ahead, but it must be seen spring water (angklung) from where," he said.

Besides angklung, it is also trying to have other cultures in Indonesia such as Fabric, Saman Dance will be confirmed as confirmed as "World Intangible Heritage" or heritage site by UNESCO from Indonesia.

"We are also trying to have another culture in Indonesia as Tari Saman and Fabrics can be confirmed UNESCO as" World Intangible Heritage ', "he said.

Previously, angklung is also enlivened been claimed by Malaysia as the country's original instrument.

In addition to the security and angklung recognition as world cultural heritage, will also be impacted economically.

The angklung crafters will benefit by getting a lot of orders angklung from within and outside the country.


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