Beware, LED Light Exposure Can Damage Eyes

The use of LED technology can hardly be separated from modern humans living today. Televisions, monitors, mobile phones are now starting to adopt this technology because it claimed to be more energy efficient.

Interesting Movie "The Legend of Zorro" (2005)

The Legend of Zorro (2005) was an interesting film. I’m shocked when I see Orbis Unum symbol. Orbis Unum? E Pluribus Unum? A serpent circling the globe? I think that was a masonic symbol. It looks like a masonic serpent symbolic.

I lost money in the ATM ....... I wonder why ?????

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) which is considered to be very practical and secured, now no longer play a role as we had hoped. ATM is very stout benefits for life our everyday from start shopping, pay bills, transfer money tool, even as a tool in trade transactions. Not only that, another advantage of ATM is that we do not need to bring money in cash when we travel because it is very risky to crime.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Group of Commission V of the House Ship Hit Reef

VIVAnews - Group member of the House of Representatives Commission V crashed. They boarded the ship ran aground off the coast of Sebatik. Some board members were injured.
"Our ship suddenly hit a reef and could not move, the incident at around 9:07 pm" said a member of the House of Representatives Commission V, Yudi Widiana Adia, when contacted, Thursday, April 14, 2011. Yudi, PKS faction members that join the group. "Anticipated ship propeller hit the reef."
Members of Commission V of the House of Representatives who join the group including Joseph Umarhadi (PDIP), Chairul Anwar (MCC), Ali Wongso Halomoan Sinaga (Golkar), Sadarestuwati (PDIP), M Toha (PKB), Norhasanah (PPP), A Typhoon Tiro (PAN), Hanna Gayatri (PAN), and Hani (Secretariat General of DPR).
Loud enough in a collision, according to Yudi, some legislators are victims and injured. "Somebody had abrasions and a sprained there," he explained.
Yudi explains, the group's board members actually want to review the roads and infrastructure in Sebatik border with Malaysia.
Now, go Yudi, after undergoing repairs, the ship was able to move again. However, the pace of the ship is not as tight as before. "I was the ship's speed 50 km / h is now only 10 km / h," he said.

Cigarette Will Disappear in 2050

Would you believe? Activity will allegedly smoking completely disappeared by 2050, at least it was believed the experts.

The combination of rising prices and the increasing number of bans on smoking in public places is believed to be deadly habit. According to the Citigroup analyst 72 pages thick, it is possible, there will be no smokers left in Britain and other developed countries in the period between 30 and 50 years.

The report, titled "Tobacco: What if the Stop Smoking in 2050 'says," It's hard to ignore 50 years of data is that the rate of smokers continues to decline seen paga graph with a straight line down. "

"No one can be sure how the activity level of smoking in the future. Probably also will be more and more bans," the report added. Health experts also welcomed the prediction

There are around 10 million Brits who smoke, 22 percent of men and 21 percent women. That number dikatahui declined 1 percent since the smoking ban enforced.

Amanda Sandford, of Action on Smoking and Health community, said the reduction of smokers to 10 percent of the population could be achieved within the next decade. "There are many factors that can make people stop smoking, including a strict prohibition in various places," he said.

"Prohibition caused a surge in the number of people trying to quit. Consequently the number of smokers declined by about 1 percent from 2007. I predict there will be more gradual reduction in the activity of smoking," he added. (MI / ICH)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Nintendo Responds to Issues Due 3DS Eye Damage

Jakarta - Health experts in the UK concerned about permanent eye damage due to the Nintendo 3DS. Party Nintendo also gave their responses.

According to the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, the reaction to the warning is excessive. "Obviously it is a bit exaggerated reaction," he said as quoted dariReuters, Friday (21/01/2011).

Nintendo is offering 3DS warning on every device they sell. The warning states that there is a risk of eye damage if the Nintendo 3DS is used by children 6 years and under.

While users aged 7 years and above, continued Fils-Aime, the 3DS could enjoy comfortably.

Nintendo 3DS is getting ready to penetrate the U.S. market by the end of March 2011. The issue of eye damage could hit Nintendo in U.S. stocks.

Handheld console with 3D capability without glasses is expected to be strong ammunition Nintendo handheld gaming market. "We believe that the Nintendo 3DS will be the next breakthrough in the world of entertainment," said Fils-Aime.

(Wsh / rou)

Game Artificial Children 14 Years Buckling Angry Birds

Robert Nay & Mom (venturebeat)

Utah - A boy who was just 14 years old so a byword among lovers of iPhone games. Imagine, a game made by a kid named Robert Nay managed to frustrate the popular game Angry Birds on the App Store.

Bubble Ball, the name of the game made by Nay, went on to become the most free games download in the App Store within the next few days. Angry Birds Season ruling was previously undefeated.

Bubble Ball Game challenges players to guide a ball to the appointed place, with the help of other objects and gravity. Nay him for several months, and made his debut on the App Store in December 2010.

In addition to the iPhone, there is also a version of Bubble Ball Android. Quoted from Cnet, Tuesday (18/01/2011), Nay was shocked as homemade games can be popular.

Going forward, Nay intend to add a few more levels. This teenager is happy to wrestle in the field of programming. He wore software SDK from Ansca Mobile Corona to make that first game.

Currently working on the game, aided Nay mother who gave advice on some level. In recent weeks, Bubble Ball downloaded about 2 million times. Triggered success that game, Nay has now established its own game company named Nay Games. Good luck, Nay! (Fyk / ash)