Friday, January 21, 2011

Game Artificial Children 14 Years Buckling Angry Birds

Robert Nay & Mom (venturebeat)

Utah - A boy who was just 14 years old so a byword among lovers of iPhone games. Imagine, a game made by a kid named Robert Nay managed to frustrate the popular game Angry Birds on the App Store.

Bubble Ball, the name of the game made by Nay, went on to become the most free games download in the App Store within the next few days. Angry Birds Season ruling was previously undefeated.

Bubble Ball Game challenges players to guide a ball to the appointed place, with the help of other objects and gravity. Nay him for several months, and made his debut on the App Store in December 2010.

In addition to the iPhone, there is also a version of Bubble Ball Android. Quoted from Cnet, Tuesday (18/01/2011), Nay was shocked as homemade games can be popular.

Going forward, Nay intend to add a few more levels. This teenager is happy to wrestle in the field of programming. He wore software SDK from Ansca Mobile Corona to make that first game.

Currently working on the game, aided Nay mother who gave advice on some level. In recent weeks, Bubble Ball downloaded about 2 million times. Triggered success that game, Nay has now established its own game company named Nay Games. Good luck, Nay! (Fyk / ash)


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