Thursday, April 14, 2011

Group of Commission V of the House Ship Hit Reef

VIVAnews - Group member of the House of Representatives Commission V crashed. They boarded the ship ran aground off the coast of Sebatik. Some board members were injured.
"Our ship suddenly hit a reef and could not move, the incident at around 9:07 pm" said a member of the House of Representatives Commission V, Yudi Widiana Adia, when contacted, Thursday, April 14, 2011. Yudi, PKS faction members that join the group. "Anticipated ship propeller hit the reef."
Members of Commission V of the House of Representatives who join the group including Joseph Umarhadi (PDIP), Chairul Anwar (MCC), Ali Wongso Halomoan Sinaga (Golkar), Sadarestuwati (PDIP), M Toha (PKB), Norhasanah (PPP), A Typhoon Tiro (PAN), Hanna Gayatri (PAN), and Hani (Secretariat General of DPR).
Loud enough in a collision, according to Yudi, some legislators are victims and injured. "Somebody had abrasions and a sprained there," he explained.
Yudi explains, the group's board members actually want to review the roads and infrastructure in Sebatik border with Malaysia.
Now, go Yudi, after undergoing repairs, the ship was able to move again. However, the pace of the ship is not as tight as before. "I was the ship's speed 50 km / h is now only 10 km / h," he said.


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