Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things That Should be Avoided after Married - For men married does not mean to stop the habit of having fun with their friends. But women generally make a marriage becomes a prison for himself and makes himself.

As a woman you have to understand what the life of a wedding, so there are some things you can anticipate so as not to complicate yourself before deciding to marry.

Here are the things you need to avoid if you're married so as not to torment yourself quoted Boldsky, Wednesday (29/8).
Stop socializing

When married, she was too busy with responsibilities. They do not want to maintain a normal social interaction as they did before marriage. In fact, you should still have an active social relationships, it serves as a support system the best in your married life.
Lost contact with friends

Most women break contact and stop dealing with school friends or college because they were busy with their lives after marriage. Women also need to learn from the men in this case are still maintaining the old friendship.
Hostile mother-in-law

It's really a silly mistake made a woman. Trying to keep up with your mother-in-law will only be in vain, you will never win. So it's better to maintain good relations with him. In addition, you may need help in the long run when you have a baby and want to get back to work.
Stuck husband

Do not ever become a parasite that attaches a hold on your husband. You want to know where he went when he came home. Let him free and his own, he will chase you throughout life.
Complained to the parents about your contention

Do not ever tell about your fights with your spouse to parents. This condition will cause parents to make their own judgment against your husband. The best way is to close your lips, though it took effort.

Whether you've managed to avoid all of the above?


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