Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aircraft Incident Fall Twice, Bandung Air Show Threatened stopped

Bandung City Government will evaluate the implementation of Bandung Air Show (BAS) post-crash incidents numbered 202 registrations Bravo AS LM 2003 and killed Marsma (Ret) Norman P Lubis and Assistant Pilot Toni. The fate of the title which has been two years running was also threatened to stop.

BAS is the beginning of the implementation of the year 2010. According to the Deputy Mayor of London, Ayi Vivananda, the title is intended to commemorate the anniversary of the Bandung when it turns 200 years old.

First Event, Friday, September 24, 2010, Super Decathlon aircraft PK-NZP crashed in Satranegara Hussein air base area. The aircraft was flown Alexander Supeli appearing enliven BAS 2010. This accident resulted in Alex 60 percent burns, leg fractures and trauma in some parts of the body such as the chest, and abdomen. Before he died on 27 September 2010, Alex was in intensive care at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS).

Similar incidents happening again, at BAS 2012 Incidents, an AS 202 Bravo aircraft registrations numbered 2003 belongs Federation LM Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI) falls outside the air base in Bandung. The pilot Retired Air Marshal Norman Bravo 202 T Lubis, and retired Lt. Col. Toni copilot Hartono, died at the scene.

"We will evaluate with relevant parties including the air base in Bandung to determine the cause of the accident," Ayi said.

Bandung City Government in the title role was as the organizer. Implementation of the program submitted to the event organizer and facilitator Lanud Bandung.

Mentioned about two accidents that occurred in the Bandung Air Show, Ayi said it will evaluate the implementation of the event. There are several options that will be taken in the evaluation.

"The event continues, Bandung Air Show will not continue, or followed by a series of events eliminated," said Ayi.

Regarding compensation to the families of the victims, Ayi said that if the measure is submitted kepda Bandung Mayor as stakeholders.

Meanwhile, the air base commander Satranegara Husein, Colonel Umar Pnb Sugeng Hariyono, said it would immediately communicate further with the Bandung City Government. Is the future fixed BAS implemented, Umar said, the decision is in the hands of Bandung City Government.

"We'll evaluate the Bandung City Government, whether dispensed or what. Due to this the activity of HUT Bandung, I was appointed as the organizer," Umar said when met reporters in Bandung air base.


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