Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dried fruit may be a drug - You know, if some healthy snacks such as dried fruit proved to have tremendous benefits for the body. As reported by Dailymail today Ghiboo, the efficacy of dried fruit is a cure for some disease daily, such as:

 1. raisins Fruit can be your osteoporosis medication. Because dried raisins are rich baron, a mineral that can reduce bone loss in women entering menopause.
 2. date If you feel tired, then immediately consume dates. Due Dates are a good alternative that has a relatively low glycemic index, and is able to maintain a steady level of energy for your body.
 3. cherry This dried fruit, have been studied by researchers from the University of Michigan that cherries can reduce the content of uric acid that you suffered.
 4. apricots Dried fruits of this one, containing potassium and potassium than bananas more. Very good for lowering blood pressure, it is evident from the results of research center Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
 5. cranberries You often have a bladder infection, then dried fruit snacks Cranberry masalan you can overcome this. In a U.S. study mentioned, Proanthocyanidins contained in dried fruit is able to reduce the effects of E. coli bacteria in the urinary tract of women.


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