Wednesday, September 26, 2012

East Java Police have uncovered a network of high-class prostitute

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - End of August, the East Java Police have uncovered a network of high-class prostitutes. The story of the investigation was published in this week's edition of Tempo magazine, 24 September 2012. More can be read here.
Before plunging into the sex business Esek, Yunita aka Keyko model is selling in Surabaya, East Java. Professional model he lived at the beginning of attending college at a major universities in Surabaya.
World model that brought Keyko to glamorous lifestyle. He always wore designer clothes and handbags and eating and drinking at hotels.
Over time, Keyko also started his own model agency. According to a Tempo source who claims to know enough about Keyko, changes began to occur when the agency fee revenue model and no longer supports a sophisticated lifestyle. He also chose a shortcut into prostitution. For this special service, he set a high price. »He is selling because her face is sweet," said Tempo's source.
The model, like herself, was also interested in serving man masher. Unexpectedly, the business 'side' is apparently growing rapidly. The model has a double function is pleased to work with Keyko. You see, the price of services offered to its clients Keyko considered reasonable and distribution with the model was satisfactory.
More than that, Keyko can guarantee the identity of its customers are always closed. This secrecy makes his business, said an investigator's case, far outshines similar businesses conducted by »legend Esek Esek Hartono Chicken" in Jakarta in the 1990s.
»Hartono used only strong network in Jakarta and only a few hundred women, while these thousands of ...," Tempo source said, shaking her head.
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