Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lampung Police Could Not sure Causes Collision


Tribune correspondent reports Lampung, Dedi Sutomo

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Bakauheni - Lampung Police are still investigating the cause of the collision between KMP Bahuga Jaya and ship tangker Singapore-flagged MV Norgas Cathinka.
The collision occurred in the waters of the Sunda Strait, about 4 miles from the Port of Bakauheni, Wednesday (09/26/2012) at around 04:50 pm.
According to the Lampung Police chief Brig Jodie Rooseto, it could not conclude the cause of the crash that resulted in KMP Bahuga Jaya sinks.
However, this time the Lampung Police have secured Norgas tanker carrying LPG Cathinka.
"We have not been able to ascertain the cause of the collision. We are still studying. Our officers are still examining tangker captain or skipper KMP Bahuga Jaya who survived, "said Jodie when reviewing the location of the sinking of KMP Bahuga Jaya.
Jodie explained that after the collision, the ship Norgas tangker Cathinka had kept going. However, thanks to the alertness of the police officers Polair Lampung, tangker ship can be secured.
Police still studying, whether tangker ship tried to escape, or just want to find a safer place than other vessel traffic.
"The ship is a ship tangker from Singapore. Thus, the examination process must comply with the existing provisions related to international shipping, "he explained.
As mentioned there is still the possibility of other victims who were in the boat KMP Bahuga Jaya, Jodie said the possibility is still there.
Therefore, the combined SAR Team will continue to search the victims, both survivors and deceased. (*)


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