Thursday, September 27, 2012

NOAH began Concert "Born To Make History" from Surabaya

Ariel (vocals) and Lukman (guitar) of the band underwent NOAH shooting a video clip of new song titled NOAH Living Dead Without you With you, at the Studio Warehouse, Cililitan, East Jakarta, Wednesday (09/19/2012), with direction from director Rizal Mantovani .

SURABAYA, - NOAH band, Friday (28/09/2012) tomorrow, will begin a series of concert tour'' Born To Make History'' in Surabaya. The concept of indoor concerts remain selected to better satisfy the NOAH fans.

The concept of indoor promoted Diamond Entertainment, Inc. in collaboration with Musica Studio Production, as promoter, was deliberately created following the success of some NOAH indoor concert in Jakarta. '' It was not foreign bands are successful degree indoor concert in Jakarta,'' said Director of Production Inc., Indra Brasco, during a press conference in Surabaya, on Friday (09/27/2012).

Concert band recently broke the record concerts on two continents and five countries in one day, predicted crowded audience. Because the presence of vocalist Ariel will be his first appearance in front of fans in Surabaya after a hiatus of more than two years due to languishing behind bars.

Besides in Surabaya, concert'' Born To Make History'' will also be held in several other cities, namely Bali, Jogjakarta, Bandung, Makassar, and Palembang.

The organizers have set up three categories of tickets sold in a concert held in the Scholastic Expo, Friday, at $ 450 thousand for Festival class A, Rp 300 thousand (Festival B), and Rp 1 million (Tribune).

In concert in Surabaya, NOAH fronted Ariel (vocals), Lukman (guitar), David (keyboards), Uki (guitar), Reza (drums) is scheduled to sing the song 15 songs, five of which are new songs on the album like It should.


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