Saturday, September 29, 2012

Plane Fall at Bandung Air Show 2012

A plane fell in location of "Bandung Air Show 2012", at Bandung airport. The plane crashed while performing attractions.

The information gathered is the plane that crashed training aircraft type owned Bravo Aeorosport Federation Indonesia. The plane crashed around 11:30 am outside the airport.

Black smoke explode from the crash site. Currently the airport is conducting security officers.

Yet ascertained the exact location of the crash. But around the airport are Air Force housing complex.

The "Bandung Air Show 2012" was held for four consecutive days from 27-30 September 2012. This event is also for celebrate the 202th anniversary of the Bandung at 25 September ago. The vision and mission in this activity is introducing the rise of Bandung as a city of the National Aerospace and International scale.


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