Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ariel "NOAH" Kini Diburu Para Ibu Muda

Ariel on stage concert NOAH, Born to Make History, in Palembang, Saturday (13/10/2012) night.

MAKASSAR, KOMPAS.com - Apparently today is not the young women and female students are a fan of the band NOAH, which is inhabited by Ariel (vocals), Uki (guitar), Lukman (guitar), David (keyboards), and Reza (drums) . The women with an age range of 25 to 30-year-old also became the first group of enthusiasts called Peterpan, especially Ariel, the vocalist.

They are generally financially independent women, including a career woman and entrepreneur. It was seen by NOAH concert ticket sales will be held at CCC, Makassar, October 28, 2012. Many classes VVIP tickets, which sold $ 2 million, was bought by the mother that included socialite in town.

"On the first day, I was able to ticket number 53, the committee said that many young mothers bought, employee, and adult students," said Ocha (27), a professional working in publishing services in Makassar on Sunday (14/10 / 2012).

Ocha claimed to deplete savings to purchase tickets four month class. He did not specify any class ticket buyers. However, according to him, most of them buy online or order by phone.

Mamex Director of Production, Endang Palupi, which is one of the Event Organizer (EO) concert, said the VVIP ticket holders will have the privilege in addition to watching in the front row.

"Currently VVIP tickets still being the main prey of the NOAH fans. Reasons why many fans are meburu ticket is very expensive though, because regardless of the package prepared for ticket buyers VVIP, the dinner plus a photo with NOAH, yes including Ariel," Endang said the coffee morning session with the press at the Friends of NOAH and KFC Losari Beach, Makassar, Sunday (10/14/2012) morning.

Explained ole Endang, VVIP tickets is very limited, only 160 pieces. He explained also, already 60 percent sold. The buyer came from a number of regions in eastern Indonesia. Those of Kendari, Manado, Palu, to Papua.

Tickets are provided for five classes. VVIP tickets priced as much as 160 sheets of $ 2 million; VIP Home 360 ​​sheets at a price of $ 1 million; VIP Ordinary 500 sheets at a price of $ 500 thousand; Festival 2500 pieces at a price of Rp 200 thousand, and pre-sale for the four classes outside VVIP 2,500-sheet with a price of Rp 150 thousand. Ticket pre-sale, which are sold in eight ticket box in Makassar, already sold out.

"This is only the sixth opening day ticket box, but the enthusiasm of people to watch the concert NOAH enormous. We believe the target of 5,000 tickets to meet the CCC will be achieved because the time is still long," said Endang.

NOAH fan community, called Companions, in Makassar also showed their enthusiasm. Chairman of the Friends of Makassar, Mulki Fajri Faiz, said the community had been prepared by a number of agenda to welcome concert, from the grand reception to NOAH at the airport by hundreds of members of the community until the inauguration of the communities that will be directly carried out by Ariel et al.


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