Monday, October 29, 2012

ariel "Noah" Sad Pants Ripped favorite

Songs to-3 udh pants torn, there are spikes that prominent on the stage; (pants kesayangan

JAKARTA - Noah look at Celebes Convention Center (CCC), Makassar, last night, attended by approximately 5000 fans. With a crowd that size, unfortunately if Ariel, Uki, ​​Lukman, Reza, and David appear indifferent.

From the observation Okezone who see their live performances, Ariel voice with charm and good looks make the girls hysterical throughout the concert. The audience also pampered classic songs belong to Noah when his name was Peterpan.

Ariel so excited to entertain fans with riveting action. An event of an unplanned, unconscious on the stage there was a protruding nail. When rubbing the calf Ariel, translucent nails ripped pants Ariel scratch the skin until it bled, the committee deftly spraying a local anesthetic for Ariel.

"Songs to-3 pants were torn, there is a prominent spikes on stage; (favorite pants," wrote Ariel through Twitter account on Monday (10/29/2012).

Nevertheless, Ariel continued appearance. He also said that if the concert Noah Born To Make History in Makassar so extraordinary.

"It is something very amazing to see old friends are still around us, I see old faces there tonight from Friends of Noah Friend Perterpan now. Whoever comes, I hope you all enjoy this evening, "said Ariel greets fans from the stage.

Ariel Communications to the crowd was also very good to make the whole room during concerts energy remains abundant. From clapping, raising hands up, jumping up and follow through Ariel command. Total 20 songs can be completed dialunkan. The concert came to an end after the song "Mask" echoed.

"Napier is very fun, fabulous night," said Ariel again on Twitter.


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