Friday, October 12, 2012

Hah, Blackmarket in China Sell Sperm

Blackmarket growing in China not only trade in goods to the public. Currently, crowded discussed Blackmarket selling sperm to couples who have difficulty having children.

As reported Healthmeup, vendors providing services sperm injection of sperm to the buyer without the assistance of a doctor or other medical experts. Most of the sellers of these sperm to bid via the internet.

Actually there are approximately 11 official sperm banks in China, but so many people's need to make all the sperm banks are overwhelmed, until finally appeared many sellers sperm in Blackmarket.

Yu Hua is one of the people who choose to use the services of Blackmarket for sperm to get pregnant, "I've gone to a sperm bank and they asked me to wait approximately 15 months. I can not wait because the current age is 32 years, "said Hua.

The services of a sperm donor in the form of sperm Blackmarket is performed by injecting sperm in the womb or having sex directly with buyers.


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