Friday, October 26, 2012

Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Turbulence occurring hormone in the body often also an impact on the emotions of the pregnant women.

When pregnant, many changes occur in a woman's body. When pregnant with the baby, there are some hair care to note that you do not harm the baby.

Hormones play a very large when a woman is pregnant. sometimes hormonal changes make the changes happen in the body, including the hair health. Likewise, in the presence of a baby in the womb.
Some of your activity if not done carefully can harm or damage the development.

Effect of hormone
Fortunately for you the pregnant woman whose hair is more dense and beautiful. Effect of hormone is sometimes actually makes hair more fertile. But not infrequently also hormones make changes detrimental to the health of hair. For example, a very dry scalp, or otherwise become very oily.

To fix this, do not hesitate to change your shampoo. Try to look at the changes that occur on the scalp, and then find a shampoo that fits your needs. Consult your doctor or your health care if you have hair that is very disturbing problem.

Changing hairstyles
Turbulence occurring hormone in the body often also an impact on the emotions of the pregnant women. Often the desire to change the hairstyle to extremes but later regretted it.

Therefore, do not make major changes to the appearance of spontaneous. Make observations and surveys on the internet if it will make a big change.

If you get annoyed with the long hair, try to get used to neatly tie up your hair first. Hairstyles come off, braids or ponytails could be an option.

If you do not help, you can consult with a hair stylist about the hairstyle that suits your needs. Do not be hasty in making a decision to regret later.

Choosing hair care products
Indeed, there is no solid research and proven that hair care products affect fetal development. But to be safe, always see the content in the shampoo of your choice. Consult your physician or health care providers if in doubt.

There are several assumptions pregnant women are prohibited to dye hair. This presumption arises because the harsh chemicals found in dyes, curling iron, or hair straightener. This substance can be absorbed by the skin and the feared harm the fetus.

There is no research that can actually prove it. However, you should avoid beauty treatments that contain harmful chemicals unnecessarily.

American Pregnancy Association says the chemicals used many different hair products so it is difficult to drawn the same conclusion. Meanwhile, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) the amount of chemical absorbed by the skin when painting very little hair. But if a pregnant woman wants to do it you should select the time after a period of vulnerable first trimester of pregnancy.

Some other tips from the American Pregnancy Association is doing hair coloring at a place with good ventilation so it was not too much of a risk of inhaling chemicals. Do everything according to the instructions in the box and do not let the cat hair is too long to settle than recommended.

For the safety of skin, wear gloves and avoid coloring eyebrows can also be at risk of causing eye infections.


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