Sunday, October 7, 2012

Indonesia massacred Greece 9-3 in HWC Mexico at the First Game

Bandung - The team representing Indonesia in the Homeless World Cup (HWC) 2012 Mexico won the opening match against Greece. To score a landslide 9-3, Indonesia is a provision for further encouragement for the team to achieve higher performance.

"7 X 2 mins encouraging for the national team in Street Soccer matches in HWC2012, Indonesia managed to beat the Greek team to score a landslide 9-3," said Fitra Ismu Kusumo, citizens who live and work in Mexico in a report received by email detikbandung Sunday (10/07/2012).

The team with the national team manager Febby Arhemsyah itself actually arriving on Friday (10/05/2012) evening local time. While the match carried keeseokan day. Implementation own HWC 2012 held from 6 to October 14, 2012.

"For those of us who live in Mexico actually had doubts about the ability of the national team because they just arrived yesterday afternoon (October 5) and have up to 24 hours they've got to play to defend the red and white. Doubt is normal due to jetlag Mexico where there is a 12-hour time difference with Jakarta. Anyway they played in Mexico City with an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level. For us at least take 2 to 7 days to get rid of jetlag and adapt thin oxygen in Mexico City, "said Fitra.

But doubts were ignored by the team with tactical and strategic game featuring a slick realize landslide victory 9-3, with support around the 20's supporters citizens who work and live in Mexico.

"The match against Greece Indonesia was moving, with pengumandangan Indonesia Raya song and chant victory slogans and songs Iwak dent who does not miss enliven the game and give the pleasure of the victory of Indonesia," said Fitra.

Expected victory at the beginning of the game it will be a provision for a victory to end the game. At HWC 2011 held in France Indonesia achieved the 6th position.


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