Monday, October 29, 2012

NOAH Band Level of Foreign Claims

Band NOAH claimed to have the same level as foreign bands who performed both in Indonesia and abroad.
"We try to make history for the music lover in Indonesia and abroad, it can be said NOAH Band band level abroad, see the admission price is almost the same with foreign musicians," said band vocalist NOAH, Ariel in Makassar, on Saturday (28/10 ).
Previously, concert band NOAH on two continents and five countries as Melbourne (Australia), Hong Kong (China), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia), a success and was awarded the MURI.
The man's real name Nazril Irham in his press conference as well as conference NOAH friend said, NOAH tries to give his best to entertain the fans and the people of Makassar.
"They say that opportunity only comes once, but I think it's a chance to come a few times. We are proud of the people standing behind us and encourage us to get up with the work and achievements of the best," he said.
The former vocalist of the band Peterpan was admitted, as a series of appearances in Makassar cover NOAH tour in several cities in Indonesia. Carrying the concept titled Born To Make History will maximize the appearance that the fans were not disappointed.
"The focus of it wrote slowly and getting better. Band Noah We expect to be well received by the community," he said.
About how to prepare and looks NOAH, Sunday (28/10) night at the House of Makassar Celebes Convention Center, Ariel will give a perfect appearance with lots of surprises.
"We take full gear at concerts. History will be created in Makassar gimik may still exist that we have not given in another city. Venue and we see Lighting and completeness of the stage that we will support the attraction surprise," said Ariel, who will bring 15 to 21 songs. (between / dar)