Sunday, October 21, 2012

NOAH concert in Makassar Police Not to Permit

Appearances Ariel with NOAH successful band entertained fans in a concert titled NOAH Born To Make History at PSCC, Palembang, Saturday (13/10/2012). NOAH band concert in major cities in Indonesia, including Makassar

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, MAKASSAR - Regional Police (Police) of South Sulawesi, has received a permit application for the concert organizers NOAH.
But up to now permit from the concert organizers have not gotten the permission kepolisianm whether it be a concert held in the CCC or not.
"Letter from NOAH concert organizers have been received and we are still learning, so we do not give permission," said Head of Public Relations of South Sulawesi Regional Police, Sr. Comr Chevy Ahmad Sopari, Friday (10/19/2012).
Information collected by the Tribune, one of the organizations in Makassar NOAH would boycott the concert, vocalist, ex-convicts.
However, the enthusiasm of the fans to watch the show the former vocalist of the band Peterpan group was quite high, as evidenced rumored that tickets sold out concert NOAH.
Former Dirlantas South Sulawesi Police confirmed that it was also coordinated with relevant sementra Polrestabes Makassar, about the appropriateness of the concert was held at the CCC, Metro Jalan Tanjung Bunga, Makassar.
Afterwards, discuss the number of personnel who will be deployed in concert security.
"So, the decision after a coordination meeting with the Polrestabes Makassar," said Chevy.


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