Friday, October 12, 2012

Promised Become Model, Beautiful teenager are willing be photographed nude and Raped

JAKARTA - Promised to be a famous model in Jakarta, a first grade student in high school, SS (15), taken away for 11 days since last Friday, September 28 by a man who claimed to be a photographer.

However, there could be a famous model, SS photographed by the suspect at a hotel until nude. Not only being the object of an image, the victim was raped three times by the perpetrator.

The incident was confirmed by Kanit Penjaringan Criminal Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police Aris Tri Yunarko. According to him, the suspect was secured by officers in West Jakarta.

"The suspect we have secured on a Monday night on behalf of Michael (31). Was arrested at a boarding house in West Jakarta," he told Okezone, Wednesday (10/10/2012).

When the suspects were secured, said Aris, the victim at the time the suspect was in a boarding house. "When a suspect is arrested, the victim is in kosannya," he said.

Aris also said, at the time of the incident, the victim was picked up by the suspect at his school in the Penjaringan, North Jakarta, used cars 1673 BMW silver B Q.

"He (the suspect) claimed to be his family, who said that the families of victims who are sick," he said.

At that time, continued Aris, the victim's family immediately called the school until the afternoon because the victim does not go home.

"The victim's family was shocked to hear the words of the school, also had to call the victim's family but baseball is on, and do a search to a friends house., And finally met the victim baseball, at that time the family immediately reported to us," he said.

Aris said, it had to move quickly to arrest the suspect who claimed that professional photographers.

"We are looking for a Facebook, it turns out he (the suspect) was also Seller camera accessories. Finally we trap by pretending to be a buyer camera batteries," he continued.

Buying and selling finally got a deal, and met at boarding suspect at Jalan Tanjung Duren X, Village Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta.

"The introduction of the victim and the suspect, came from Facebook and Blackberry Messenger., And they immediately ground coffee," he concluded.

Currently, the actor has been languishing in police Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Police also seized a BMW Silver B 1673 Q, Blackberry mobile phones, laptops, and Cannon 5D camera.

The suspect was charged Article 332 of the Criminal Code runaway minors without parental consent under penalty of seven years in prison.


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