Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sex life can be viewed from the way they cook eggs

TRIBUNNEWS.COM - How you cook eggs not just talking about the culinary tastes, but also can show how personal, social class, marriage and even your sex life.

A study conducted for the International MindLab British Egg Industry Council found some interesting facts. Taking 1010 adult respondents, found if an omelet lover has conscientiousness. While enthusiasts egg has a high sex drive and a hard-boiled egg is a person who loved the friendly.

In this study include elements related psychological selection of respondents. One of these people who are happy are those who love to eat boiled eggs.

"It's nice to know someone's favorite when eating eggs. This is to measure large numbers of who they are and what they are, "said Andrew Joret of British Egg Industry Council.

Yet according Joret, any type of egg consumption, real food is still nutritious, beneficial and has great value. (Asia One)


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