Thursday, October 11, 2012

The advent of Noah, tragedy for Noah from Balikpapan

JAKARTA - band manager Noah Balikpapan, Amirudin alias Amir, said after the band Peterpan (Noah) return active in the country music industry, they lose revenue RBT.

He also said he does not currently have a report from the provider because there are two names Noah who work in the country.

"We're so baseball no results because there are two names Noah," he told Okezone when contacted through his mobile phone, on Wednesday (10/10/2012).

Amir until now claimed to be surprised by Musica Studio's management, which promises ready to sit down together to talk about this duality, and it was just a figment.

"They promised to sit together, but after a tour today baseball is no longer news," he said.

Amir hopes, there is a statement from management that Noah Noah RBT Balikpapan could put her in the provider.

Because it also made the Chairman of the Arts Council Balikpapan H. Dervish. M. Noor, SH., To intervene. He stated, would protect the rights of citizens Balikpapan art, as manifested Executive Rainbow Enterprise, Suhendra.

"Anyway, we will support our artists. This for us is not trivial. These lessons for musicians of copyright a name, "said Suhendra through his mobile phone.

Just to note, Noah Balikpapan formed on February 12, 2009. The band fronted Revie (vocals, guitar), Yudee (guitar), Maman (guitar), Davha (bass), and Raf (drums), last released a single "Orange Rose" and sell versions RBT at Vodacom in May 2012.

An MD (music director) KP Radio FM, based in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, named Diaz Abdila also confirmed Balikpapan Noah had stood long before Ariel cs released the name of Noah on 2 August.


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