Beware, LED Light Exposure Can Damage Eyes

The use of LED technology can hardly be separated from modern humans living today. Televisions, monitors, mobile phones are now starting to adopt this technology because it claimed to be more energy efficient.

Interesting Movie "The Legend of Zorro" (2005)

The Legend of Zorro (2005) was an interesting film. I’m shocked when I see Orbis Unum symbol. Orbis Unum? E Pluribus Unum? A serpent circling the globe? I think that was a masonic symbol. It looks like a masonic serpent symbolic.

I lost money in the ATM ....... I wonder why ?????

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) which is considered to be very practical and secured, now no longer play a role as we had hoped. ATM is very stout benefits for life our everyday from start shopping, pay bills, transfer money tool, even as a tool in trade transactions. Not only that, another advantage of ATM is that we do not need to bring money in cash when we travel because it is very risky to crime.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Best Performing NOAH promise given in Bandung

Bandung - Priced from $ 300 thousand to $ 1.8 million concert tickets band from Bandung, NOAH sold. NOAH recognize many who considered the price is quite expensive compared to other local band concerts. But they promised to deliver their best performances.

"From a few years ago, if we again touring, always met with the event organizers. They've always dreamed of when we can create an event that is not arbitrary. Incidentally this year we met with people round to realize it," Ariel said when met The Trans Luxury Hotel on Sunday (12/11/2012) afternoon.

Five members of NOAH, Ariel, Lukman, Uki, ​​Reza, David initially surprised by the standard ticket rates are quite high for a local band class. But according to Ariel, all missed their shock after a concert in Surabaya recently.

"What happens during a concert in Surabaya yesterday was sleepy as usual. Ultimately the show is not just a band, but also the result of collaboration of three heads. Band show, lighting shows and video show," said Ariel.

In addition, NOAH is also hoped that these same people can look at the band's concert with local bands abroad. "What if a local concert that much appreciated costly but arguably not an outdoor concert. I also expect higher ticket prices because of the unusual performances can also be followed by other bands," he said.

Tonight at 20.00 pm-23.00 pm NOAH will hold a homecoming concert for the first time in London. He would hold local musician

Thursday, November 8, 2012

NOAH Rejected Because Ariel Considered Moral Defects

KAPANLAGI.COM - NOAH presence in Sydney protests. This is because some civil society organizations (CBOs) in Bandar Lampung balked at the presence of the former band Peterpan it, especially the presence of Ariel is deemed moral.
"Despite the legal proceedings, Ariel was still flawed moral track record is not good. So do not deserve to idolized, especially by the younger generation," said Rekapunnata, as the action coordinator Ariel rejection, when contacted via telephone by ® Wednesday (7/11).
The coordinator stated that the number of young people who idolized figure of Ariel, is something ironic. Moreover, staying digadang concert will be flooded by the audience.
"If allowed to continue performing, as if legalized deed ever done Ariel," said Rekapunnata again.
A few years ago, Ariel stumble legal problems when the video was widely circulated on the internet senonohnya. After undergoing the process of detention in prison, he is now back to the music world. The plan, NOAH gig at Hotel Novotel Lampung, Wednesday (7/11) evening.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Agnes Monica ballistic suitcase lock Forced Dismantled Airport

Monica agnes a torn suitcasePhoto: Twitter / agn monica

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Agnes Monica, raging because demolished three suitcase in one of the airport. Wednesday (11/07/2012), through the twitter account @ agnezmo, the singer has revealed his anger.
Agnes criticized airport management as key elements in his trunk demolished airport officials.
"In Indonesia airport, luggage locks opened by force. This is how accountability yes," Agnes said in his Twitter account @ agnezmo, this morning. He also showed a torn suitcase photo.
Agnes also twittering about the condition of his trunk. "There were three suitcases that were damaged key (not the key TSA (Transportation Security Agency). Oh my gosh. Nowadays, if still mentally Look, how can move forward?"
"If opened by official personnel, they will open the TSA, not taken out by force," said Agnes.
Agnes said that she was not complaining about the money in the suitcase. "It does not matter the money or items missing. Nation but a mental problem. Period airport Indonesia like this yes."
It is not clear at which airport in Indonesia Agnes Agnes treated as such, but insists he gets treatment after flying with Singapore Airlines aircraft carriers.
"Singapore Airlines. Been for a long time this has happened. Where is your sense of responsibility (which is your responsibility)?? How could the incident continues huh?" confidante. "And do not bring up his name if we just let this kind of behavior. Negara Indonesia's State of Law."
"Singapore Airlines .. Please huh? Or whoever is responsible (* Pake preman smile with the heart NYESEK *) A bit lazy so if already rich frequency gini??" he said.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Noah Continue to tour 25 cities in Indonesia

JAKARTA - Noah is determined to meet the companions in other cities that have them sambangi. Of course Ariel et confident they will be highly anticipated appearance after picking facts previously successful concerts fans filled up the tickets were sold out.

Noah tireless concert hurdle after passing two continents 5 countries, then went to Noah Born To Make History and menggeber biggest concert venue in Ancol Meis titled The Greatest Session of The History on 2nd November. Now, they are ready visited 25 cities in Indonesia.

Tour in 25 cities will indeed different concepts with Noah before the concert. Ariel, Lukman, Uki, ​​Reza and David will be performing an open field.

"In November, we will begin the journey Surya Pro Mild tour with Noah in 25 cities. Mild Yet Strong, "writes Surya Promild, Monday (11/05/2012).

As the initial announcement, the first two cities to be visited are Singkawang on 16 November 2012 and Sanggau on November 18, 2012. To be able to watch the concert, entry tickets priced at Rp 25 thousand.

For those of you that yesterday the Sahaba Noah has not had time to watch the concert Noah Born To Make History, and The Greatest Session of The History, who knows this time Noah will visit your city. As Ariel said, "Go!"