Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Agnes Monica ballistic suitcase lock Forced Dismantled Airport

Monica agnes a torn suitcasePhoto: Twitter / agn monica

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Agnes Monica, raging because demolished three suitcase in one of the airport. Wednesday (11/07/2012), through the twitter account @ agnezmo, the singer has revealed his anger.
Agnes criticized airport management as key elements in his trunk demolished airport officials.
"In Indonesia airport, luggage locks opened by force. This is how accountability yes," Agnes said in his Twitter account @ agnezmo, this morning. He also showed a torn suitcase photo.
Agnes also twittering about the condition of his trunk. "There were three suitcases that were damaged key (not the key TSA (Transportation Security Agency). Oh my gosh. Nowadays, if still mentally Look, how can move forward?"
"If opened by official personnel, they will open the TSA, not taken out by force," said Agnes.
Agnes said that she was not complaining about the money in the suitcase. "It does not matter the money or items missing. Nation but a mental problem. Period airport Indonesia like this yes."
It is not clear at which airport in Indonesia Agnes Agnes treated as such, but insists he gets treatment after flying with Singapore Airlines aircraft carriers.
"Singapore Airlines. Been for a long time this has happened. Where is your sense of responsibility (which is your responsibility)?? How could the incident continues huh?" confidante. "And do not bring up his name if we just let this kind of behavior. Negara Indonesia's State of Law."
"Singapore Airlines .. Please huh? Or whoever is responsible (* Pake preman smile with the heart NYESEK *) A bit lazy so if already rich frequency gini??" he said.


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