Monday, November 12, 2012

Best Performing NOAH promise given in Bandung

Bandung - Priced from $ 300 thousand to $ 1.8 million concert tickets band from Bandung, NOAH sold. NOAH recognize many who considered the price is quite expensive compared to other local band concerts. But they promised to deliver their best performances.

"From a few years ago, if we again touring, always met with the event organizers. They've always dreamed of when we can create an event that is not arbitrary. Incidentally this year we met with people round to realize it," Ariel said when met The Trans Luxury Hotel on Sunday (12/11/2012) afternoon.

Five members of NOAH, Ariel, Lukman, Uki, ​​Reza, David initially surprised by the standard ticket rates are quite high for a local band class. But according to Ariel, all missed their shock after a concert in Surabaya recently.

"What happens during a concert in Surabaya yesterday was sleepy as usual. Ultimately the show is not just a band, but also the result of collaboration of three heads. Band show, lighting shows and video show," said Ariel.

In addition, NOAH is also hoped that these same people can look at the band's concert with local bands abroad. "What if a local concert that much appreciated costly but arguably not an outdoor concert. I also expect higher ticket prices because of the unusual performances can also be followed by other bands," he said.

Tonight at 20.00 pm-23.00 pm NOAH will hold a homecoming concert for the first time in London. He would hold local musician