Thursday, November 8, 2012

NOAH Rejected Because Ariel Considered Moral Defects

KAPANLAGI.COM - NOAH presence in Sydney protests. This is because some civil society organizations (CBOs) in Bandar Lampung balked at the presence of the former band Peterpan it, especially the presence of Ariel is deemed moral.
"Despite the legal proceedings, Ariel was still flawed moral track record is not good. So do not deserve to idolized, especially by the younger generation," said Rekapunnata, as the action coordinator Ariel rejection, when contacted via telephone by ® Wednesday (7/11).
The coordinator stated that the number of young people who idolized figure of Ariel, is something ironic. Moreover, staying digadang concert will be flooded by the audience.
"If allowed to continue performing, as if legalized deed ever done Ariel," said Rekapunnata again.
A few years ago, Ariel stumble legal problems when the video was widely circulated on the internet senonohnya. After undergoing the process of detention in prison, he is now back to the music world. The plan, NOAH gig at Hotel Novotel Lampung, Wednesday (7/11) evening.


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