Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Story of Youth 28 Years Love Grandma 82 Years

Sofian Loho Dandel (28), a resident of Mantehage Island, North Minahasa, did not think a soul mate is Martha Potu 82-year-old.

The 28-year-old boy showed photos of the blessing of her marriage to Martha, 82-year-old grandmother in South Minahasa, North Sulawesi.

Although closed to within 54 years, a love able to dismiss their age gap.

When found at home of Martha, the Village "Keep Lelema 4", District Tumpaan, Minahasa Selatan, Monday (02/20/2017), two people who had just hold the wedding ceremony on Saturday (18/02/2017) it did not hesitate to show their affection, Sofian embracing Martha's shoulder while serving the interview session. He then said that the beginning he found his moorings.

 "A year ago a call came into my cell phone. Do not know who, I lift and we were introduced. From there we continue to communicate," said Sofian.

Intense communication makes Sofian who was working in a garage in Kotamobagu was found love.

"I've never dated before. I feel in love," said Sofian.

Unable to bear with her feelings, Sofian was later determined to reach Martha in Lelama, a short distance. When you first meet physically with Martha, Sofian was surprised."I do not know if Martha is as old as this. However, we felt really fell in love, and agreed to continue this relationship," said Sofian.

Sensing the match each other, the two people in love is then planning to formalize their relationship. Many of those who oppose the plan, especially the family of Martha. However, their determination was made, must be married.

Sofian was then deliver it to her parents' wedding plans in the island Mantahage. Sofian then invited her parents to see Martha and proposed. When it comes to home Martha in Lelema, Sofian not tell the age of his bride.

"We do not know if his future wife, a grandmother. Very surprised at the time, but what can I say. We see them love each other, so we acquiesced with his choice. Houses, the affairs of the Lord," said Magdalena (60), mother Sofian who accompanied Sofian and Martha when interviewed.

The blessing of their marriage became a scene when one of the guests who attended uploading pictures to social media this pair. Various responses netizen asked. Many scoffed Sofian choice.

"Just as the pastor to say when the blessing, we will be true forever, until the Lord permits our lives," said Sofian.

It was blessed also by Martha. Her husband died 10 years ago. Martha lived alone in his house. Both children are now in Germany and Saudi Arabia.

"I kept praying to God, if they were allowed and given the opportunity, I ask no companion who can take care of me at this old age. There is thought, God sent Sofian," said Martha.

Two people were seen this romantic optimistic now run their household's ark. Call "mommy-daddy" was now a mutual affection greeting Sofian and Martha.


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